Calibration Management Software

Web based Calibration Management System

As many of our customers are aware, IN-CAL™ upgraded its calibration management system from Info-Cal © to IndySoft in the fall of 2020. While Info-Cal © provided over 15 years of reliable use, we decided that the need to upgrade the system with current technology was imperative and we chose IndySoft, “the best-in-class platform”. Calibration certificates on our new platform can be accessed via Both systems have securely managed logins, automated backup of data, and complete export functionality, so you never need to worry about your data. Need a custom report? No problem! Like Info-Cal ©, we can offer custom reports and new functionality with our new system. By listening to our customers, we can improve our calibration management system and make it more helpful for you.

More than reports – Complete Web-Based Calibration Management System!

Reports after ~September 25, 2020 can be accessed in IndySoft.

Reports prior to ~September 25, 2020 can be accessed via Info-Cal ©.

New IndySoft Access

Previous Info-Cal© Access

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