Calibration Services

Why should you calibrate?

Instrument Calibration

Since 1994, IN-CAL™ has been providing customers with both on-site calibration services and laboratory calibration services.

IN-CAL™ has provided calibration services to customers from the aerospace industry to pharmaceutical companies on a wide range of laboratory and measurement and test equipment for leading manufacturers.

During this time, we have grown to a leading calibration service company for our:

When it comes to ensuring accurate measurement and quality performance for your instruments—rely upon IN-CAL™ for all your calibration needs. At IN-CAL™, customers are our number one priority.

We understand that the success of your business depends upon your ability to consistently provide superior quality, high performing products to your customers.

IN-CAL™ understands this and ensures that you will receive exceptional calibration and repair services for all your equipment.

Regardless of your calibration service needs, you can be assured that our technicians will offer expert service and maintain strict adherence to quality procedures to ensure compliance.

Depending upon your needs, IN-CAL™ offers you a choice of calibration services, on-site or in-house, covering a broad scope of test and measurement equipment, including the following:

  • Dimensional Calibration,
  • Electronic Calibration,
  • Environmental Mapping,
  • Equipment Calibration,
  • Mechanical Calibration,
  • Scales and Weights,
  • Temperature Calibration,
  • Temperature Uniformity,
  • Validations and Qualifications,
  • & more…