Lab Profile

Since 1994, IN-CAL has been a leading full-service calibration laboratory offering a wide range of calibration and repair services to customers around the world in their facilities as well as in our environmentally controlled laboratory in Hudson, NH.

From those in manufacturing, to those in research and development, and so many others, we strive to surpass our customers’ expectations with every calibration service we provide for their test and measurement equipment.

Customers rely on IN-CAL because they know first-hand that we employ industry best practices and maintain ISO accreditations and certifications that ensure quality and technical competency for all calibration services we perform.

Our team strives for continuous improvement, including investments in new calibration equipment and technology to ensure calibrations are performed accurately and efficiently.

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Calibration Capability

We want to ensure that we satisfy your requirements when we provide you with our calibration services:

Our Promise to You

IN-CAL is committed to delivering quality each and every time we service your equipment.

To meet the diverse needs of our customer base, we have lab technicians on staff that have specialized training and are readily available to provide solutions to respond to your questions and requirements.

Key benefits of working with IN-CAL accredited and traceable calibration services:

Whether you need a minor adjustment on your caliper or a more complex repair for your electronic test equipment, we treat every service with professionalism and a commitment to quality.